Workshop: Mechanism Design & UX

Devcon4, Prague

November 2018

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#Cryptolife Hackathon, Prague

November 2018

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Workshop: Ondachain or Offdachain - Design Considerations

Web3 Summit, Berlin

October 2018

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Platform & use case demos


October 2018

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How to run a Proof-of-Concept (POC)

Blockchain APAC Conference

August 2018

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Web3 Technology Show & Tell

Web3 Melbourne

August 2018

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Beyond the hype: What every executive needs to know about blockchain

RMIT Future Skills

July 2018

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Blockchain 101 - Expert Q&A

RMIT Future Skills

April 2018

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Why Blockchain Needs Product Designers

Bitfwd Medium Post

April 2018

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Merging Fashion & Technology

Sustainability Portal

March 2018

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Demystifying Ethereum: 12 Cats on the Blockchain

AcademyXI & ACMI X

December 2017

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Our Team

Gendry Morales

Co-founder, CEO

A computer scientist with 20 years of technology experience, 12 years in senior leadership roles specialising in modern Product Delivery and UX at scale. Gendry leads the UX and design aspects for Flight Plan and is a hands on CEO who codes both front end and backend with the user in mind. She leads training, regularly speaks at conferences, events, and in podcasts about Blockchain and Web3 in Product Design and the importance of building utility and user adoption.

Nas Munawar

Co-founder, CTO

A leader and full-stack engineer, Nas brings together the disciplines of software engineering and product strategy in his role designing and building the technical capabilities and executing on the product vision for Flight Plan. He traverses the world of blockchain, with expertise in blockchain development (Solidity) to back-end (Java / Node / PHP) and front-end (JS / React / Web3js) development, and combines this with over a decade's experience in delivering complex digital products.