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Don’t spend months building your idea, create your blockchain App in minutes with Flight Plan. We handle the tech, the smart contracts, keys and hosting for you so you have the freedom to focus on your concept.
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Our early access pricing is now available. Sign up now to start building on blockchain and get ready for launch.


No coding required

You don’t need to learn how to code to create blockchain Dapps. We give you the power to deploy contracts, mint tokens, edit content and adjust smart contract settings at the click of a button.

Wallets & Keys

No need to integrate with a third party wallet, we abstract wallets and set-up the keys for you to help you focus on the utility and concept. For mainnet we use a self-custodial wallet solution.

Crypto & transactions

All transaction fees are handled behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about getting crypto and setting up wallets. Transaction signing is built-in to make it easier to use your app, and this functionality is available to your users.

Learn about blockchain

See how it all works behind the scenes. View the transactions, the smart contract code and see how accounts/keys relate to your Dapp. We include the Flight Plans behind each template so you can see which parts of the App connects with contract functions for a little extra nerdiness.


Most blockchain applications have a token at the centre. Through the platform you can mint your own tokens and experiment with different token ideas which can be connected to your application.

Smart Contract

We automatically deploy your smart contract onto the public blockchain network for you and connect it to your Dapp.


Clone from our growing selection of templates, demos and shared Dapps. Based on popular and promising real use cases in blockchain today.

Customise Smart
Contract Rules

There are immutable rules and dynamic rules in your smart contract. Through our platform you can customise some rules and settings in your contract that are adjustable post deployment.

Off-chain hosting

For content and data fields that are not stored publicly on-chain, we provide the hosting and integration with blockchain to help you choose and store the private data in your app off-chain.


Can I try before paying?

Once you sign up, you can create tokens and use the Demo apps and any apps that others have shared with you for free. You pay to create your own apps or your own tokens on the main network.

What about key management/wallets?

For use in the test networks we provide an in-app wallet which is automatically created when you sign up. On the Ethereum main network we set-up your own self custodial wallet and provide instructions on how to export your key. This allows you to experiment easily without having to get crypto or set-up your own wallets. The apps you build come with the same options for your users' wallets.

How do I take my Dapp from testnet and launch live?

If you have created a Flight Plan Dapp that is ready now for launch on mainnet, get in touch with us at
We have a launch plan, which includes a one off installation fee. We will provide full details on the customisation options and which platforms we can integrate with (i.e. Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace).

Which blockchain are you using?

We currently use the Ethereum blockchain and link to the Etherscan blockchain explorer through app pages so you can see the live transactions, contracts and accounts. We use Ropsten Testnet and have token creation connected to the Ethereum Main Network (mainnet).
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